Improving cooperation among teams

Introducing TeamScore®. Making you, your teams, your organisation more agile.

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Cooperation among empowered, agile teams, in a rapidly changing world,
is the key driver of profit growth and employee engagement.
The Problem

Companies focus more on top-down annual performance appraisals of individuals, not teams
The Solution

TeamScore®, a single tracking metric empowering teams to measure cooperation within and between teams using real-time crowdsourced ratings and feedback from 3 core stakeholder groups:

● Team members
● Other teams internally
● Client/supplier teams
A "Fitbit for teams" to track cooperation and become more agile

Team Member
Client / Supplier

● A measure*
to track ongoing cooperation within and between teams *(scored out of 5)

● A mechanism
to improve cooperation using crowdsourced constructive feedback

● A motivation
to keep focused on cooperation throughout the year, through peer pressure competition

Did you know? "Conflict, when well managed and focused on a team’s objectives, can generate more creative solutions than one sees in conflict-free groups."

- J. Richard Hackman (1940-2013) Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology at Harvard University

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