TeamScore® Transform your team's performance
and boost cooperation

Improve cooperation with coworkers and clients, through ongoing feedback.
(11,896 teams are already doing this!)

A single tracking metric empowering teams to measure cooperation within and between teams, and with clients.

Team Member
Client / Supplier

Creating a culture of "radical transparency" and self-awareness.

TeamScore combines ratings and feedback throughout the year from any team's 3 core stakeholder groups:

● Team members
● Other teams internally
● Client/supplier teams

Ratings and feedback can be anonymised. Ratings criteria can be customised. You control who can see your team's TeamScores.
TeamScore is available as an app and on ViewsHub, a workplace feedback platform used by teams to measure and improve cooperation with clients and coworkers - the key driver of profit growth and employee engagement.

Teams of every shape and size use TeamScore to track their team performance and reach their professional best

Enhance cooperation within teams by getting ratings and feedback from team members on your team's performance.
Get a visual 360 of your team's performance, by tracking how it is rated by other teams inside your organisation.
Turn 'always on' real-time ratings and feedback from clients and suppliers into smart performance insights.
Map yourself and your team members on any combination of behavioural traits, and see how you fit with your team.

Did you know? "Conflict, when well managed and focused on a team’s objectives, can generate more creative solutions than one sees in conflict-free groups."

- J. Richard Hackman (1940-2013) Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology at Harvard University

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● A measure*
to track ongoing cooperation within and between teams *(optimal range 4.2 to 4.7 out of 5)

● A mechanism
to improve cooperation using crowdsourced constructive feedback

● A motivation
to keep focused on cooperation throughout the year, through peer pressure competition