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ViewsHub is a feedback app to help teams work successfully together, aligning individual, company and team goals. Through its full suite of feedback tools enabling ongoing feedback (public, private, or anonymous) at any time, ViewsHub helps teams understand how to boost team performance, productivity and work better together. Over time, ViewsHub replaces the need for performance appraisals and annual employee engagement surveys. It not only measures team and company culture throughout the year, it shapes it for top performance for each organisation, aligning goals continually and enabling course correction whenever necessary. Signup now to build successful teams!
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Live TeamScore® of the top teams to work with

Here are the top rated teams by team type and industry, derived by ratings from team members and other teams

Track the Cognitive Diversity Scores of leading organisations

Plot the TeamDNA® of the top organisations

Crowdsourced TeamTips to improve cooperation within and between teams

Cognitive Diversity
Top teams by industry
Culture Map
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What is Cognitive Diversity?

Cognitive Diversity is the variety of ways people work, think and interact with others. Teams work better when they are more cognitively diverse. Non-cognitively diverse teams can exhibit groupthink, with the loss of independent problem solving and individual creativeness.

However, effective cognitive diversity needs an environment of psychological safety and an ability to instill a growth mindset.

How we measure it

The ViewsHub Cognitive Diversity score measures the spread (standard deviation) of employees' workplace traits within any organisation or team, based on the crowd-sourced views of how they are perceived by those they work with, and compared to the companies average (set to zero) and the population average.

Use ViewsHub to measure your team's Cognitive Diversity

Start by reviewing yourself on your key workplace traits, and then get reviews of how you are perceived by those who know you.

Instantly measure your team’s Cognitive Diversity by adding or removing members of the team, whether internal coworkers or external candidates.


Discover how your teams compare to the top teams in your function or industry

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About ViewsHub

Why now? Why ViewsHub?
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