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ViewsHub is a feedback app to help teams work successfully together, aligning individual, company and team goals. Through its full suite of feedback tools enabling ongoing feedback (public, private, or anonymous) at any time, ViewsHub helps teams understand how to boost team performance, productivity and work better together. Over time, ViewsHub replaces the need for performance appraisals and annual employee engagement surveys. It not only measures team and company culture throughout the year, it shapes it for top performance for each organisation, aligning goals continually and enabling course correction whenever necessary. Signup now to build successful teams!
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ViewsHub is free to use with an unlimited number of people. Forever!
ViewsHub Plans & Pricing

Team Features

1 month free archive on the site

Downloadable CSV files for all other data

Create unlimited, custom departmental teams

Create up to 2 project teams per user

Send unlimited team feedback / rating requests internally

Send unlimited team feedback / rating requests externaly

Custom questions for requesting team feedback and ratings

Powerful team results analytics

Team admin control of team profile privacy settings

Individual User Features

Add 2 breakthroughs a month per user

Add 2 goals / challenges a month per user

Submit, or request, individual 1-to-1 feedback, any time

Submit, or request, individual 360 reviews, any time

Top Traits awards and Leaderboard

Company Hub Features

Submit company feedback and ratings, any time

All Free
features, plus:

3 months free archive on the site

Email support (in 24 hours)                        

Company Hub - Admin Control

All Premium 1
features, plus:

6 month free archive on the site

Premium email support (in 8 hours)

Control of Company Public Profile

Create up to 6 project teams per user

Add 6 breakthroughs a month per user

Add 6 goals / challenges a month per user

All Premium 2
features, plus:

Unlimited free archive on the site

Premium email support (in 1 hour)

Add unlimited project teams

Add unlimited breakthroughs

Add unlimited goals / challenges

Custom company-specific criteria on individual 360 reviews

Top Skills/Expertise awards and Leaderboard - coming soon!

Advanced filtering and search tools - coming soon!

* Monthly contract. Cancel any time with 1 month notice period

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